Of Mooks and Monsters 127 Narration


This week, Tim takes the wheel and Rob helps by bailing water from this mixed metaphor. We’re talking the meat and potatoes of running a game: Narration.

How do you do it, and what do you actually do?

Listen to find out!

And thanks, as always, for listening.

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Alive After Reading 100 Michael Anderle


This week, on the 100th episode of this fine podcast, Michael Anderle generously joins Tim on the show!

Check out Michael’s books. His Kurtherian Gambit and other story universes make his name a frequent site in Amazon’s science fiction and fantasy categories.

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Practice Makes Practice 3

Hello, readers and writers!

This is Practice Makes Practice, a series of blog posts chronicling my process and projects as an author. I’m Tim Niederriter, author of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian fiction. But enough about what I try to do. What have I actually been doing this past week?

Just a brief update today. I finished editing the third Pillar Universe novel, Ice War, over the course of the week. Sent it to across the pond for proofreading on Thursday, then got it back super quick, on Friday. That book is now out in ebook, with print to follow in the near future. I am very excited about this book. I think it is by far the best of the three in the series so far.

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Today I dive into serious writing for book four of the series. This is going to be a bigger book than the prior three, and I’m excited to finally write forward in this story after so long. The goal is to do fifteen-minute sprints for four and a half hours each day. It will be interesting to see how much I can get done with a bundle of time like that.

In brief, editing is done for now. Writing has begun anew.

Thanks for reading.

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