Alive After Reading Episode 42 – Chris Lester

This week, I interview author and podcaster, Chris Lester.

Check out Chris’s new book, “The Lost and the Least” or any of his other books on, as well as his podcast, The Raven and The Writing Desk.

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Alive After Reading Episode 41 – Jeff Brackett

Hey folks, I’m back bringing an interview with author Jeff Brackett.

My apologies for the audio quality this episode. Our internet connection was a little flaky. The conversation is good, though.

EDIT: Mea Culpa. This episode really did not turn out. HUGE Apologies. I will make my sacrifices to the internet gods better next time.

Thanks for listening, and I will have a good episode up next week.

Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 75 – Savage Worlds Actual Play 1

This week, Rob and I are back with some actual gameplay of Savage Worlds.

It’s our first try at this system and we had some fun.

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Alive After Reading Episode 40 – Dave Robison New Years

Alive After Reading is back with a conversation I had with Dave Robison about the past year. We talk about what each of us learned in 2017.

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Check out The Mangrove Suite and enjoy the crown jewel of my last year of publishing.

Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 74 – Savage Worlds Character Creation

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our first episode of 2018 – Character Creation for Savage Worlds.

Rob is playing this one and he has some good ideas for his character.

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Alive After Reading Episode 39 – Scott Roche Talks Patreon

In this final Alive After Reading of 2017, I talk with author Scott Roche about how he manages his as well as a few other curious subjects.

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Happy new year!

Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 73 – Understanding Rules with Savage Worlds

Welcome back, everyone! It’s our final episode of the year, folks.

For this one, Rob asks me a few questions about how one learns a new RPG one is planning to run.

It’s been a good year for Of Mooks and Monsters. Thanks to all you listeners, and hope to hear from you in 2018. You can email the show at and let us know what you want to hear on the show.

Thanks, and happy new year.


Alive After Reading Episode 38 – Bianca Rowena

This week on Alive After Reading, I have author Bianca Rowena on the show.

Check out Bianca’s novel, The Gift Stone. We talk a bunch about the origins of this novel on the podcast.


Check out Bianca’s facebook author page.

Happy holidays to all those celebrating.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 72 – Freeform or Grind

Welcome back to Of Mooks and Monsters.

This week, Rob and I talk about two very popular forms of videogame structure that often prove to be pitfalls in tabletop rpgs.

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Happy holidays!